Eco firendly cups are widely becoming the most popular choice for Espresso bars, cafes and restaurants, however when used with a standard plastic lid, the environmental benefits of the cup are all but cancelled out.


PacKings are Tassie's first distributors for leading Australian biodegradable brand, Enviroware, offering an extensive range of superior quality and competitively priced biodegradable hot/cold cups AND lids, as well as deli containers, clam shells, plates, bowls, cutlery and bags using products such as PLA (corn), cpla (corn), Bagasse (sugarcane fibre) and recycled paper pulp.


All Enviroware products are made from renewable resources, and fully compostable in biologically active landfill, without the properties, function or shelf life of the product being effected.


Enviroware coffee cups are the most eco-friendly compostable cup in the industry, produced from 42% post consumer recycled material, and 100% biodegradable / compostable. Currently available in 8oz and 12oz.



Contact us to discuss a personalised quotation for your needs, and help your company be as environmentally sensitive with disposable products as possible, at the best price.